Futher Thoughts on Creation, the Fall, and Evolution

I don’t see that evolution is the religion killer that is purported to be. It seems that it presents a world and mankind similiar to that of ToE, hopeless and flawed. The main difference is that religion adds a ray of hope as a ‘rest of the story’.

But I am left with the curiousity. How to concord the actual events. It seems wrong, as one wag slyly suggested that fossils were planted to mislead. I also have reservations about Bishop Huxleys declaration that Evolution is one of the tools that God used to create everything. So I propose an alternate explanation. The Fall caused a seperetion between god and man, a godless world, ever afterwards and always before.

First, plausiblity of retroactive causation. We are told in the scriptures that the atonment wrought by Christ is neccesary for Man and God to reunite. Else they must be seperate forever. But before the atonement was done Christ forgave sins, the dead rose, the prophets communed with God and the work of salvation was carried on (a lot more explicitly in the new world scripture). Clearly the atonement could be and was applied retroactively. It is plausible then that the Fall, compared by Paul to the atonement in effect, could also have retroactive effects.

Physics can not rule out retroactive causation. In deed it seems possible, but not to us because of the massive energy requirements. Or the conclusion to some theories seems to be that time is not what we think it to be. It seems probable the universe is simultaneously both static and dynamic. That blows my mind, but given other dual natures in physics -particle/wave, energy/matter &c. it is mo of the same. I am clearly not educated enough in physics or for that matter smart enough to add anything here, but I gather physics does not entirely rule out cause flowing backwards sometimes.

So what does this mean? I would like to use an analogy.
A building suddenly loses its foundation.
It collapses in itself, but is not destroyed, floors are askew, lots of cracks everywhere. Indivudual beams are twisted, marred and have a lot of microcracks in them weakening their structures. However their original form and purpose can sometimes be glimpsed.

Down is the past, and support is causation. Pieces reflect some ideal form and function they had before the cataclysm. Living creatures fall until they have a godless cause for their existence (the foundation now being gone). That is evolution and evolutionary history. The world is godless yet there is a god. The creation has been severed from the creator.

People scoff at the idea that the building once had a foundation because they can show how each individual piece is supported presumably down to the ground. The ground being fundamental fabric of reality that cannot be altered w/ or w/o God. There is no need to posit a foundation they say to explain the structure. And they aren’t even wrong.

The advantages of this explanation is that God didn’t creat an imperfect world through cruel and uncertain means, nor did he create elaborate deceptions to hide himself. The intended recipients of the perfect world rejected him, and the creation could not persist with its creator.

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