The Tablet

I’ve been wanting a e-ink tablet for a while now. I don’t have a smart phone but want to use some apps. E-ink is because I can use outdoors, it has long battery life, and I think the non glowing screen is less hypnotic. I’ve noticed a problem with glowing screens. Activities on them seem strangely addictive. Now I know designers try to make their content as compelling as possible but the attraction seems way out of proportion to the reward. I think that hypnosis is at heart capturing attention, and that we are hardwires to pay attention to glowing, flickering things (consider people staring at a campfire). So e-ink screen for casual computer stuff. I also like to imagine hanging out on the porch while I catch up on things.

Second implementation: I got a Boyue e-reader. It’s a fully functional android tablet (except flash and other animation). A little slow though.  I’ve got the following apps: LDS tools, library, evernote, nook, Gofree. Not happy with the browser and I will root to install the kindle reader and remove bloatware. Also feedly, twitter, facebook,

Results: The outdoor stuff hasn’t happened as I have no porch furniture yet and lots of things to do outside. It is definitely easier to resist one more click syndrome but that may be due to it being slow. Teaching a class out of gospel library is sub-optimal, printout or book is better. I like playing Go on it.

Future: I got a hand chorder and am learning it. This post was typed (slowly on it). Once I’ve mastered it I’ll be able to type on it at full speed with one hand; everything pocket portable. I’ll like a tablet with bluetooth so I can do so sans cable. There are similar models with that feature. faster processor? Maybe mounts so I can use it in certain locations without having to hold it or hunch over? Also, no built in GPS so unit I can plug into and use when needed?

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