The Intrawebz: Becoming a small town.

The internet I grew up with was a universal big city accessible to all in the privacy of their own homes. Allow me to explain: like a city, it could cater to very minority tastes. A big city, like New York, undoubtedly has Mongolian resturaunts and a pigeon roller club. A town on the other hand can only support instituionss and businesses that have a very broad following. In a small town, there is only one social network and all of you acts and interactions will quickly become public knowledge – thus it behooves you to be polite and behave yourself. In the city most everyone you deal with are strangers and you won’t see them again, and they have no access to your social network. Thus you can be as ill-mannered and poorly behaved as you like with little likelihood of long term repercussions. Now if you behave badly as a customer you will get rated and your bad behaviour will follow you around just like in a small town. The only think lacking is for goverment to adopt this system for its bureacrats.
 The internete of the nineties was the big city – minority tastes and anonymous, shopping done by botique. The internet of the teens is small town – social, doxxed, with reputation paramount. Shopping is by mail through the new Sears – Amazon. The logic of social is that one network will rule them all (or various social networks will allow themselves to be integrated seamlessly). Of course minority tastes can still be catered to, provided they aren’t frowned upon by The Society.
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